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At the heart of the station stopper device, is the Technogrid energy absorbing system. Each Technopost station stopper has one Technogrid unit centrally mounted flush between the rails. One end of the Technogrid is anchored to the footwall. The “impact post” is attached to the other end.


The Technogrid is a strain energy absorption device that will absorb the kinetic or potential energy of a moving object by deforming a metal grid of known design and characteristics through a stroke deformation of predicted value.


The impact post is designed to fold flat between the rails to allow traffic flow. The control of the system can be interlocked into the existing station stopping devices and cage winder interlocking systems.

Technopost Stopping Device

  • It should be noted that delivery periods vary between products and is subject to present workload, prior sales and availability of raw materials from our suppliers.

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