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ncGard Range




Non-contact safety switches are interlocking devices that are designed to protect people, industry and productivity.

Non-contact safety switches are ideal for use in applications where precise guidance of guards is difficult.  Due to the design they are extremely long-lasting devices that require minimal maintenance.  In addition they are resistant to shock and vibrations and offer a high level of prevention against tampering.

Non Contact Safety Switches

ncGard is Fortress’ range of non-contact safety switches for safeguarding machinery. 

Magnetic switches are available in both Polymer and Stainless Steel housings. For severe hygiene critical areas, high temperature versions are also available. 

●  NCS = IP69K solid state hall effect sensor
●  FM Range = Magnetic Safety Switches
●  FE Range = Magnetically Coded Safety Switches
●  FS Range = Generic Coded RFID Safety Switches
●  FR Range = Individually Coded RFID Safety Switches 

The ncGard product range also hosts Safety Relays that can be integrated with our amGard and tGard products. 
Fortress' Safety Relays are independently certified to PLe and are suitable for use with emergency stop (E-Stop) buttons and/or any two normally open safety devices.


ATOM - RFID Safety Interlock


Key features and benefits of the ATOM:

●  Solenoid controlled interlock which only allows access when you decide

●  High-Coded RFID which prevents actuator substitution

●  Robust actuator design with high locking and retention force of 8kN

●  140mm x 33mm ultra-compact mounting footprint, easy to mount with 4 x M5 screws

●  Safeguarding applications up to PLe and SIL3 rating

●  Provides OSSD outputs with Daisy-Chain connection of up to 8 ATOMS in series, reducing your installation costs

●  High Mechanical Misalignment which allows for wider guarding positioning

●  Compact design for installation in discreet locations

●  Sealed to IP65 and IP67

●  TUV Safety Certification Approved

ncGard's newest addition to the range is ATOM which is a compact and ultra-robust Solenoid Interlock with High-Coded as per ISO 14119 RFID in the actuator. 
It is suitable for use in applications up to PLe (Category 4). 

ATOM provides a discreet, easy-to-install solution with monitored inputs and OSSD outputs (Output Signal Switching Device). 

Daisy-Chain connections enables easier wiring installation and OSSD prevents fault masking powered from the same supply.

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