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The ESCB Call Bell Unit is generally the same as the Call Bell (ECB) with an added feature, an additional push button. Once the glass is broken and the button activated, after a 10 second delay a signalling button can be used for signalling the driver. Fitted with two buttons each behind glass, which are labelled accident to person and accident to shaft. Breaking the glass and activating the “Accident to shaft” button will immediately stop the winder. 


The driver will only be able to proceed with operations once the accident has been investigated and cleared by the shaft engineer.


Operation: The unit transmits the following signals:
Accident to person = 10 Rings, followed by the station (level) ID and repeated.
Accident to shaft = a long ring, followed by the station (level) ID and repeated.
A LED light indicates which unit was activated and must be reset at that particular level.
The unit also has a test facility when doing regular maintenance.

Electronic Call Bell (ESCB)

  • It should be noted that delivery periods vary between products and is subject to present workload, prior sales and availability of raw materials from our suppliers.

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