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The new D.AM Gard Farm Gate Lock can be fitted to mining Farm Gates and can be interlocked to the Shaft Signalling Unit and the Interlocking Panel to provide the ultimate in safety.


The lock is a heavy-duty Fortress Amgard lock that has been tested to over 1 million operations and is rated Ip67. The heavy-duty tongue unit has a misalignment tolerance of +/- 12mm and locks into the head with a Retention Force of 10 000 N.
The lock is encased in a robust steel housing for added protection.

The key to operate the D.AM Gard Farm Gate lock is the authorised Onsetter’s key, which ensures that the gate is operated by the authorised person.

D.AM Gard Farm Gate Lock

SKU: 9000.82
  • It should be noted that delivery periods vary between products and is subject to present workload, prior sales and availability of raw materials from our suppliers.

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