The Lock N Load consists of a power pack and clamps which holds a conveyance steady during the transfer of men and / or material. The clamps release their grip at a controlled rate to allow the rope stretch to be taken up smoothly.


When the cage is in position, the station air supply quick coupler is connected to the Lock N Load connection on the conveyance. The power pack (air/oil intensifier) boosts the hydraulic pressure up to the required pressure. The pump stalls and clamp force is maintained indefinitely. This operation usually takes about 10 seconds for the pump to boost the pressure to full clamping force.


When loading or unloading of the conveyance is completed, the station air supply is removed, resulting in a rapid loss of air pressure in the power pack. This starts the decompression cycle, which takes about ten seconds. As the oil pressure drops, the clamps release their grip at a controlled rate and the conveyance slides smoothly to its new position in the shaft. The clamp arms will then fully retract, thus allowing the conveyance to be moved.

Lock N Load

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