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The DBS 44 is an intelligent signalling device, that can be used as either a Lock Bell or Call Bell Card, thus minimising the spare/stock holding required. 

By using a hand held programmer the user can easily program the station ID for the card.
Compatible with all three-wire bell signalling systems using the Live, Common and Neutral configuration. It is a direct replacement for the Evolution Bell Signalling Card and with minimal wiring changes can replace the D-Tronic Bell Signalling Card.
It supports dual communication and redundancy by communicating via the three-wire signalling system and RS 485 using dedicated cores in the mines existing shaft fibre back bone.
Switch mode power supply to improve efficiency and to accept a wider range of supply voltages. Enhanced capacitor value to ensure voltage stability during short power dips.
Increased ground plane added to suppress any undesirable noise spikes. Robust, soldered in CPU ensures stability.
Enhanced ‘buffer’ between the keypad and the main CPU to eliminate noise.

DBS 44 PC Board

  • It should be noted that delivery periods vary between products and is subject to present workload, prior sales and availability of raw materials from our suppliers.

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